Members from Michigan

Casey W. Carr, B.S., M.S.
Agri-Business Consultants, Inc.
11417 Bailey Rd
Morley, MI 49336
United States
Office Phone: 616.824.1037
Mobile Phone: 616.824.1037
E-mail Address:
Crops: Potato, Corn.
Services: Yield and Crop Quality Improvement Soil Sampling, Verticillium and Nematode Sampling Integrated Potato Management Services Risk monitoring for Late Blight, pests, and current complex disease issues Comprehensive Potato Scouting Fertilizer and Lime Recommendations Soil Health and Field Management Pesticide Resistance Management Field Scale Demonstration Plots

Roger Dennings, B.S. CPCC-I, CCA
Dennings & Associates, Inc.
7879 Upton Road
Elsie, MI 48831
United States
Office Phone: 989.862.5615
Home Phone: 989.862.5852
Mobile Phone: 989.239.0408
E-mail Address:
Field: Agricultural Education
Crops: Corn, soybeans, sugar beets, dry beans, wheat, alfalfa.
Services: Integrated crop management, soil sampling, soil mapping, fertility recommendations, crop scouting, production problem solving, analytical services for all types of agricultural and environmental needs. Certified Nutrient Management Plan Provider.

John Mackson, B.S. CPCC-I, CPAg, CCA
MAX Agronomy
818 West 4th Street
Pinconning, MI 48650
United States
Office Phone: 989.239.0397
Home Phone: 989.879.5838
Mobile Phone: 989.239.0397
E-mail Address:
Field: Crop and Soil Science
Crops: Corn, soybeans, dry beans, sugar beets, pickles, wheat, alfalfa.
Services: Soil fertility consulting, 4R Nutrient Management, Precision technology, yield monitor data interpretation and management zone creation. Variable Rate technology.

Frank Marcello, B.S. CPAg, CCA
Frank's Crop Watch
P.O. Box 558
Hemlock, MI 48626
United States
Office Phone: 989.695.2269
Fax: 989.695.6117
Home Phone: 989.695.2269
Mobile Phone: 989.751.5631
E-mail Address:
Field: Agronomy/IPM/Plant Pathology
Crops: Corn, soybeans, wheat, oats, sugar beets, dry beans, snap beans, cucumbers, alfalfa, onions, squash, melons, blueberries, apples, organic crops, peas..
Services: Crop monitoring and planning, recommendations, varietal selection, RUP credits.

Mark Otto, M.S.
Agri-Business Consultants, Inc
911 Edison Ave.
Lansing, MI 48910-3339
United States
Office Phone: 517.243.5292
Fax: 517.482.7506
Home Phone: 517.243.5292
Mobile Phone: 517.243.5292
E-mail Address:
Crops: Potatoes, Field Crops, Vegetables.
Services: Integrated Pest Management and Soil Fertility Consulting. Field scale research and demonstrations.

Steve W. Wagner, M.S. CCA
Agri-Business Consultants
1871 Yosemite
Okemos, MI 48864
United States
Office Phone: 517.242.6495
Mobile Phone: 517.242.6495
E-mail Address:
Field: Entomology
Crops: Field crops.
Services: Certified to write CNMP (comprehensive nutrient management plans) in Michigan, GPS soil sampling, crop scouting, yield monitor analysis, corn nitrogen recommendations.