Benefits of Individual Membership

NAICC exists to serve its members. We say that right up front, in the mission statement.

“This alliance exists to unify and support independent consultants and researchers and provide a forum for information exchange within the agricultural community.”

How Do You Benefit by Becoming a NAICC Member?

1. Information – NAICC’s first priority is to provide you with the most up-to-date information you need to run your business. We do this through:

  • A monthly newsletter that keeps you posted on developments that impact you and your business, ways to increase your profitability, and technical information to keep you on the cutting edge.
  • The NAICC Annual Meeting is the only national event tailored directly to the needs of independent crop consultants and contract researchers. The program is structured to serve your professional needs. The communication that takes place between sessions and after hours is the most important exchange crop consultants and contract researchers have access to all year. It is available nowhere else.

2. Representation – People join groups to extend their influence. NAICC extends your influence by:

  • Monitoring and responding to legislative and regulatory developments on the federal level.
  • Forming coalitions with other organizations to impact public policy. Consulting with institutions of higher education to tailor curricula to the needs of the profession.
  • Monitoring the Federal appropriations and budget process to ensure that consultants and their clients are treated equitably in any new programs or changes in fiscal priorities.

3. Public Relations – NAICC serves its members by educating others about the work of our members, and the advantages our existence offers to our clients and society in general. We do this by:

  • Establishing the profession within agricultural circles through articles in trade publications written by NAICC members, the professional staff, or by reporters and editors. Our professional staff conducts formal media relations programs to increase awareness of crop consultants and contract researchers as valuable information sources.

4. Certification – NAICC offers the only certification program for professional independent crop consultants and contract researchers. This program, the Certified Professional Crop Consultant says a lot about us:

  • It tells clients that you are the best available at what you do.
  • It tells government policy makers that there is a group of professionals in the field who are concerned about wise stewardship of resources.

What are the Membership Dues?

  • Voting/Associate/Provisional – $260.00
  • Additional member from the same company – $260.00
  • Student – $10.00
  • Retired Status – $65.00

How do I join?